Help! My Nexus7 crashes Windows Explorer as soon as I connect to my PC!


Feb 28, 2013
Hi ppl!

I've being posting this issue in several other forums and had no response. I hope some of you guys can help me. Here's the thing:

For the past few weeks I've being experiencing several issues with my Nexus 7 (2012) that I've never had before.
When I plug the tablet to the PC it eventually crashes the Windows Explorer and fails to transfer any data. It's being doing this every now and then but now it has become excedingly more frequent. As soon as I plug it in and "open" it to see its contents WE crashes.
I've tried using different cables but it didn't work. Somehow I don't think a factory reset would work either. Someone posted a similar issue on another forum and after a factory reset the issue persisted.
I thought of updating the drivers, but for what I know, the N7 takes care of that. This started when Android 4.4 came out. It's currently running 4.4.2.

Any thoughts? This is becoming really frustrating! :(


with the n7 plugged in, locate it in device manage and rt click on it and then delete it. Delete the driver also when it asks. When its done disconnect the device and replug it in and see if reloading the driver resolves your problem.