Hook VCR and DVD to Stereo Receiver and CRT TV?


Jan 1, 2015
I already have my VCR hooked up to my stereo system and tv (which is a circa 1992 CRT with just a coax connection). I want to hook my DVD player into the system. The problem is that the connections on the back of the DVD player are just RCA, and like I said, the TV is just coax.
Is there a way to run the DVD player through the VCR, using the VCR's patch into the TV?
I have an RF box, so hopefully, I'm part of the way there.
I want both VCR (cheaper movies) and DVD (movies after 2004).


Jan 1, 2015
I have the RF box, Mr., I just don't know how to hook it up. Can you explain the connections?

american: I need to know exactly what the connection procedure is. The back of my DVD has two RCA jacks for Analog Video out (R&L), one RCA jack for Video Out, one S Video Out, and two RCA jacks for
Component Video Out. My VCR has RCA Jacks for Audio and Video (in & out). My RF box has one RCA jack for (input) Video and two RCA jacks for Audio (R&L). Thanks to both of you for replying, it's just that I am out-to-lunch on this and need to know what the set-up is.
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