Solved! How to connect my Haier 42' TV to my Home Theater

Dec 22, 2018
I have and LCD Haier TV, Model L42F6. It has AV Out, and 3.5mm jack audio output. It already says in the manual "Component, HDMI or PC input source cannot be used for Monitor Out (witch is the proper name for the AV out part). So my question is:

How can I use my Home Theater in order to listen to whatever is on my TV? For example, a PS4 HDMI source or a Satelital TV. My HT is a PHILIPS HT5533/55. It has a Coaxial input, mp3 input (3.5mm jack), AV out and input video and audio, HDMI output, and component.

Thanks in advance.

Pd: I still have not tried the 3.5mm option, as I fear audio will have a TON of loss. I will do so in the next days tho, to test it out.
Your only option on that TV is analog audio but you only need to use it for the internal TV tuner.
Your PS4 and SAT TV box should be connected to an HDMI input selector with audio extraction. That will provide a coax digital audio output for the HTS. The input selector HDMI out goes to one of the HDMI inputs of the TV.
If you use the disc player or USB of the HTS then you would connect the HDMI out to the other HDMI input on the TV for those sources.
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