How to connect two extra HDMI monitors to a HP Pavillion laptop on extended mode

Dec 23, 2018
Hi All,
I have an HP Pavillion laptop with display adapters model = Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 and NVIDIA GeForce 940M. However, it only has one HDMI input and no VGA input. The laptop version is 10.0.1734 build 17134. I have installed windows 10 on it. My two extra monitors are Samsung S23C350H and HP 24es. They support both VGA and HDMI outputs. I tried installing both monitors to my laptop via an HDMI splitter cable with takes each HDMI input from each monitor and only output one HDMI to my laptop. The result is that both monitors show the same picture(clone mode) and my laptop screen is in extended mode. The ideal is that I would like to have only two extra monitors working in extended mode and have my laptop screen turned off. What else do I need to buy and how do I set things up so that they work properly.
Thank you for any suggestion that you may provide.


Jan 19, 2012
Your post is a bit confusing because everywhere (if I'm understanding correctly) you have said 'input' you should have said 'output' and...everywhere you said 'output' you should have said 'input'.

In any event ... thinking of that hdmi splitter ... all it is doing is taking the hdmi output from the laptop and splitting it into 2 identical outputs - of course both outputs are the same. There is no way to make them different.

It sounds to me that to do what you want you would need an external video card. Hook one monitor up to it's output and the other to the laptop's hdmi output - then you can extend the desktop across the 2 monitors.
Dec 23, 2018


I am sorry for the confusion but you've got it right. Everything makes sense from what you've explanied. Thanks a lot. I'll try to buy an external video cart as you suggested. Will let you know how it goes.

Thank you again.

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