How to extend a specific Audio Cable


Mar 8, 2013
I have an older Aiwa system (NSX-MA845) where the Speakers have 2 bare 'speaker wire' cables + a blue double wire cable culminating in a single male RCA plug for the subwoofer.

The problem is that I now have the main Aiwa unit further away than the cables will allow, so I need to extend them. The speaker wire lines are no problem but I'm not sure what type of cable I need to extend the subwoofer line

Can anyone help?

Is there a specific type of cable used to extend this type of line?

... or can I split the Male RCA with a x2 RCA coupling, extend them with a normal pair of RCA cables, combine them back again with another coupling into a single male RCA connector and put that into the female RCA in the back of the unit?

Any help would be appreciated.
Since the subwoofer cable is speaker wire rather than the usual interconnect cable the best option would be to cut the wire and splice 16g or larger 2 conductor speaker cable. Some electrical tape is all you need.


Jul 25, 2017

Here are a bunch of rca adapters that are common and easily accessible , have a look maybe you can find what you need.
RCA Adapters