How to fix a corrupted memory card that isn't recognized?


Oct 3, 2017
How to fix a corrupted memory card that isn't recognized? I have done tons of research, including this excellent article on this website,review-4700.html
and several other threads on recovering SD cards. I have tried the trial versions of Stellar Phoenix, ZAR X, Seagate Recovery, Disk Drill, Wise Data Recovery, and probably a couple others I forgot to list. They all return the same conclusion: that there is no data on the card... but there is!

The problem happened while I was inserting the SD card in to my LG android phone, the battery fell out a couple seconds after the SD card went in. The 32 GB SD Card had around 30 GB of data on it, but in this instantaneous event, it all changed to "apparently" disappearing.

I would have been sure that any one of the recovery software would find scores and scores of files, since 30 GB of data should not vanish in two seconds, could it? But they all return with zero files, or "nothing interesting" as one put it.

When I attempt the Windows based fixes, they all respond, "The disk check could not be performed because the disk is not formatted. Format now?" or something similar.

I can't believe it. I am sure there are 30 GB of data in there, and none of the software even registers anything.

Does anyone have any other recommendations, please?

Thank you!