how to get realtek to recognize my new headphones from my desktop speakers?


May 17, 2016
just bought a pair of audio technica ath-ad700x and when i plug them in the asus realtek hd audio manager pops up recognizing that i plugged in a new device, i tell it that they are headphones but then there is no new device on the list of playback devices. so basically i can use them but they are recognizes as my speakers so every time i want to use the headphones i have to change the settings for my speakers from a surround sound system with subwoofer to headphones which is a bit of a hassle. my last headphones were usb so i didn't have this problem. anybody know how to get realtek to recognize the difference between my speakers plugged into the back port and my headphones plugged into the front port?


first thing i'd try is to remove your drivers for audio and reinstall the latest version. see if that helps.

given you have speakers connected rear and headphone connected front a headphone device should appear in the list. check disabled and hidden devices by right clicking in that window. by default you will see two devices

if it still doesnt show up, it could be an issue with your onboard though i've certainly not seen that before. perhaps a cheap soundcard may fix the problem.
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