How to hook up Roku 2HD to older Sanyo tv without hdmi port

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Jul 25, 2016
This was all set up about 6 months ago or less and working. I do not understand why I cannot get the Roku screen to come on. I am not sure if I am supposed to have the tv set to tv or video. Also I know how to set up roku with code from tv to computer after finding out how to reach the initial ROKU welcome screed to proceed with set up. I have the colored cables all matched up on the tv and batteries in remotes for tv and Roku are good and working. The lights on the Roku still flash etc when I press any buttons such as the "Home" button but I cannot somehow get to anything but either a blue or black screen and am able to put on any channel number but have been putting it on 3 or 4 alternately but neither produces desired result. I need help with this if any one knows how to explain to me what I need to do to get it giong. Also know my wireless network is broadcasting as my wireless connection is working for my laptop and my cell phone.
The TV should be set to the video input you connected the Roku to when you first set it up. Do you see the Roku home screen? if not then you should try the Roku on another TV (with av and HDMI if possible). The input on the old TV might be bad or the Roku might be bad.
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