How to play audio from chrome cast on surround sound?


Feb 8, 2017
I have a pansonic tv (av, 3 hdmi, and optical port) as well as a Philips hts 3051 blu-ray player w/ surround sound (hdmi, coaxial digital and av). I want to play my chrome cast through my tv, but have audio played through the surround sound. Before I buy an adapter for the coaxial to optical digital, is there anything I need to know, will this work or us there an easier/cheaper way? Thanks to all who help.
The problem with TVs and Chromecast/Firestick/Roku boxes is that not all TVs pass audio from HDMI port to the SPDIF (optical) port.

You should rather look for HDMI audio extractor with coax SPDIF output. Plug it between the 'cast and the TV, and separate cable going to the HTS.