HTPC software


Aug 27, 2008
hi guys,

i have an HTPC that i'm trying to find media center software best suited for my needs. its built around the AMD 780G chipset, 4050e athlon X2 CPU, 2gigs of DDR2 800 and a hauppauge PVR150 tuner card.

i currently have Vista Home Premium installed that has the built in media center. it works fine and all but there are a few things i don't like and can't seem to find ways tweak.

1. the thumbnail view. basically, very file (recorded shows, videos, music, etc) in VMC is displayed in the thumbnail view. this may seem pretty to must ppl and may not really bother others but i for one much prefer a list detailed view, like what windows media player 9 had.

2. when i up my res to 1080p, both sides of my screen are cropped with black spaces when watching live TV. its like watching a dvd formated in wide screen but instead of the black spaces being on the top and buttom, they are side by side. maybe its the fact that my tuner card is an analog and not HD compatible? but even then, it would be great if VMC had the option scale the source image to fit the screen. the UI it self has no problem scaling at that res.

3. i'm one those guys that download and watch japanese anime and must of the time, they are in MKV or OGM format. i can get VMC to play these files just fine when i install the proper codecs. however, some of these videos are in dual audio format and VMC doesn't have the option to select which audio stream to play (english or japanese).

so what i'm looking for is something that will work well with my hardware, has a list view option, source image scaling and can play dual audio MKV/OGM files properly.

there's pretty much no limit to what i'm willing to try. linux, windows, freeware, shareware, open source, you name it.



Oct 2, 2008
MediaPortal is the solution
does the job, plays everything you throw at it, and does a very good job in quality video/audio.
The perfect choice if you ask me.
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