I have a Samsung Smart TV (5500 Series) and a 3D bluray player/surround sound system. How can I get the surround sound to come


Mar 16, 2017
I am trying to connect my Shaw cable box to my TV so that the sound (from TV channels) goes thru my bluray surround sound speakers. How do I do that? My Tv (5500) does have an ARC HDMI(2) port and I have the bluray plugged into that. I have my cable box HDMI plugged into HDMI1.
It comes down to what blu-ray/surrouind reciever you have.

Most of them do not have ARC protocal so you wont get sound via HDMI.
You likely will need to use a toslink optical cable to go from TV to surround system to get surround sound for your cable box.

As many people find out those all-in one cheap surround systems do not provide the connectivity they want and either deal with it or buy a proper receiver.
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