I have blue light on my laptop but no screen, is there a secret to start my Asus Eee PC?


Mar 27, 2017
I have a hungarian ASUS Eee PC that showes blue light but no screen., Nothing seem to switch on .

My on switch has a blue light that i can turn on and off but nothing else is happening. I had the laptop in storage for long time and have now charged it to take on holiday

Any advice welcomed.

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May 24, 2011
Take out the battery, plug in the charger, and try starting it?

If that still doesn't work, I'm not sure what the best thing to do would be... Could be any/all of the components that have died...

I guess you could plug in an external monitor to the laptop and see if you get anything on there? (Does that laptop have a VGA/HDMI port or something?)

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