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  1. E

    Solved! Charge EEE Mini Laptop

    I don't know where to plug the charger into the laptop to get it to charge.
  2. J

    My Asus Eee PC (1015bx) won't turn on (MOBO PROBLEMS???)

    So, a few weeks ago my Asus netbook died and I decided to take it to a technician who works with laptops just to analyze it and he said that the motherboard stopped working and he didn't want to risk replacing it since he couldn't find an original one. So I bought a new mobo and installed it...
  3. R

    Asus Eee PC 900 Power light is green but will not start

    The blue light on the power cord is on and the power light on the computer is green, but when I press the power button to start it, nothing happens
  4. I

    Eee PC 901 new hardward wizard keeps opening

    I have an Eee PC 901 running the original Windows XP Home Edition O/S. Whenever I boot I get the "Found New Hardware" wizard opening, once for the BT-253 Bluetooth adapter (which it cannot locate a driver for), and another for an "unknown" device. I have tried removing both of these devices...
  5. O

    asus eee pc keyboard is i2c?

    asus eee pc laptop. keyboard model v072462ak1 Is the keyboard an i2c keyboard? Thank you.
  6. V

    Password protect HDD and Bootbooster in BIOS

    Hi everyone, I have an old Asus Eee PC 1001HA netbook, it's working fine for basic tasks. Can you please help with with the following 2 issues? 1. HDD password lock 2. Boot Booster I want to password protect the hard disk in BIOS, however this option can't be selected, although it is...
  7. E

    eee pc 701, about 10 years old, used it this weekend, was not able to connect to wifi wireless... tried it at home, nothing...

    my asus eee pc 701 is about 10 years old, i used it this weekend and was not able to connect to wifi wireless, brought it home and it didnt work at home either... suggestions?
  8. V

    asus 1015bx stuck in aptio setup

    hi my laptop eee pc 1015BX is stuck in the aptiop setup 2010 what i can do? when i turn this on in show this bios and when e save and exit it show allways the bios
  9. D

    EeePC 2G Surf not charging.

    I have a EeePC 700, took it apart like 21 times. A week ago it stopped charging. The charger is producing the high pitched tone (this means the laptop is not cosuming any energy, thus leaving the transformer with no load), charging LED is not lit. Tried to check the connection with the...
  10. D

    Asus F9 problem

    my asus EEE Pc seashell series keep on flashing reboot and select proper boot device
  11. R

    ASUS eee pc seashell series Wont turn on!

    my asus laptop wont turn on i tried ejecting the battery and when i put it back all the power lights were on and then it will fade but the screen will remain black but not turned on...HELP!
  12. M

    asus Eee PC 900 series

    I am looking for opinions. My little ASUS Eee PC 900 series notebook is running xp. Because xp is no longer supported, I was just wondering if anyone has upgraded to win 7? Is this at all possible?? Thank you.
  13. L

    Solved! I have blue light on my laptop but no screen, is there a secret to start my Asus Eee PC?

    I have a hungarian ASUS Eee PC that showes blue light but no screen., Nothing seem to switch on . My on switch has a blue light that i can turn on and off but nothing else is happening. I had the laptop in storage for long time and have now charged it to take on holiday Any advice welcomed...
  14. N

    ASUS eee pc

    My computer says it has 1.6GHz of CPU and .99GB of RAM
  15. C

    Asus Eeepc Not Booting

    My Asus Eee Pc seashell is not booting as its starts go automatically to BIOS Setting??????
  16. R

    Keyboard mixed function keys mishap

    Asus EeePc Intel Celeron the keys are numeric instead of alphabet like U-4 I=5 O=6 J=1 K=2 L=3 M=0
  17. L

    asus crashed dead

    Asus sea shell series eee pc crashed during updates wont charge no lights...when it does turn on it isn't on long enough to choose what to do at reboot...or wherever its at...its not mine and need to fix what do I do? Ok I got to start charging now what wait til full charge then try to boot? I...
  18. S

    Asus Eee PC 701 GPU Driver Problem

    Older games not even start with original drivers. Works only with eeepc_vga_scale_drivers but very slow and i have lower score in 3DMark.
  19. R

    Asus Eee Pc (Seashell netbook style) replacement headset jack & internet jack

    Where can I purchase a replacement 'headset jack' and 'internet jack' (Cat5) for my Asus Eee PC 1005HA? They are both located on the right-side of the Asus Eee Pc (Seashell netbook). Thanks! ~rachel
  20. T

    Asus EEE PC 900 overclock issue !!!!

    I have an EEE pc 900 which i overclocked using eeectl i got custom settings from here: i put it into high overclock mode and it only gave me 999.02 mhz and nothing more its supposed to go to atleast 1ghz. I don't know if im doing...
  21. E

    Battery Incorrect Measure Numbers + Not charging commom fix......

    Hello, I have eeePC 1011cx with battery part model A32-1015 47Wh The design capacity for this one is 47520 mWh I was having problem of 95% AC in line not charging issue but just solved doing the simple steps.... (FOR WINDOWS) 1 - Remove the AC line 2 - Use netbook to end of battery 3 -...
  22. X

    How to run to windows at the same PC at the same time !@

    ^ Hello everyone, I really need a way to RUN 2 windows that run at the same time and at the same PC ! it would be better to run it on 2 different Monitors !
  23. L

    I'm locked out of my Asus EeePC 1000 HC can't remember password to open laptop

    I'm locked out of my Asus Eee PC 1000 HE. Forgot my password
  24. S

    Asus eee PC 1015 pe (seashell) keyboard not right

    Hello everyone. I was given an Asus eee PC 1015 pe (seashell series) to format (It was running Ubuntu, and the owner wanted to get rid of it and use Windows 7, so I made a fresh install with Windows 7 Starter Edition) Everything worked fine and all drivers were installed successfully, but the...
  25. S

    Hi all my asus eeepc shows 0% battery but, working fine for more than 5 hours. When charged, the battery will shows 100%

    Hi all my asus eeepc shows 0% battery but, working fine for more than 5 hours. When charged, the battery will shows 100% and reached 0% within 5 minutes. Is there any way to slove this issue, because i dont know, when my battery is about to die.
  26. H

    Asus Eee Pc - no display, only power light on

    Hi, I have an issue with my ASUS EEE PC 1002Ha. When i power it on it just has the power light on, doesn't react to anything (caps lock, etc). No image on the screen or external monitor. Although i hear the hard disk working. I've already tried powering it on with only battery or AC, but...
  27. T

    connecting Asus EeePc to wi fi not working

    hi, a friend of mine has an Asus EeePc Version 0801 Mac which will not connect to my Wi fi . Can anyone please help me or has a solution to this. Thank you
  28. N

    Asus eee pc 1005 ha problem,,,

    hi,i've asus Eee pc donot turns on nowadays and spark dies immediately after i turn on,,,but when it is exposed to sunlight for sometimes it turns on and finctions properly,,,The same thing repeats daily..please give me some solutions..
  29. N

    my asus Eee pc 1005 ha donot turns on..the spark dies immediately and then no response but when it is kept in sun for sometime

    my asus Eee pc 1005 ha donot turns on..the spark dies immediately and then no response but when it is kept in sun for sometime it turns on and functions properly...please give me its solution..
  30. S

    Asus eee pc 1005pxd Windows 8

    Hi. Does anyone try Windows 8 on this eee pc? Thx
  31. L

    asus eee pc computer says plugged in, not charging but does get juice when turned off

    I have gotten a new adapter and that is giving the same message when I turn the computer on that it is plugged in but not charging, not sure if it is the battery or not. Yet it seems to charge when I completely turn it off.
  32. W

    Just had my second laptop charger die - is this the fault of my computer or charger? Details in thread HELP!

    The big deal here: My Asus Eee PC 1005PEB no longer has a charger because my second charger just died (see here for an image: Both chargers got insanely hot, and I mean insanely. Too hot to...
  33. J

    Asus EEE PC netbook - New OS ?

    Recently found my old Asus EEE PC 901 with a version of ubuntu (gnome, I think) installed on it. I dont really like ubuntu and it cannot do much at all esspecally this version I have. I want to install a new OS on it because I am going on a trip this summer and I plan to download my pictures...
  34. dannylivesforher

    Wifi not present in Asus EEE PC 1015 CX?

    I've been trying to install the wifi driver on my Asus EEE PC 1015 CX. Wherever I look,they say my netbook has inbuilt wifi. I even downloaded the wifi driver from my manufacturer's website for the same model I'm having right now. Once I install it,in the end I get the message that the wifi is...
  35. J

    Very Slow Laptop

    I have ASUS Eee PC 1005P bought in 2010, it was fast at that time. Unfortunately, lately its been as slow as a turtle from opening a file or a website. I reinstalled its recovery CD along with original drivers but still no improvement. Do you have any ideas of what might be the problem?
  36. D

    Netbook starting as soon as plugged in, then powering off

    Asus EeePc 1005ha was working fine, installed windows Xp updates then next time I plugged in the netbook it started without me pressing the power button, then shut off after about 10 seconds. Unplugging and replugging in automatically powers it on again with same results. Power light on adapter...
  37. icedriver220

    asus eee pc 4g white o/s probs and drivers issues

    ok i have been given an asus eee-pc 4g in white but it has no o/s and a tiny ssd hddi was wondering what o/s should i put on it also drivers could be an issue too perhaps someone here could help me to sort this out because even though its just a notebook/netbook my daughter loves it because its...
  38. Josef Stoove

    Would This Work??

    Hi Guys ive got a asus eee pc 1005p netbook and yes it broke due to power surge unfortunately :( but anyway this guy is going to offer me a motherboard for a asus eee pc 1001PXD for like 30 bucks and im wondering if it would work or not? can you please answer this fast guys thanks :):):)
  39. J

    Reinstalling XP on a netbook, hal.dll error

    Hey, I'm fixing an ASUS Eee PC 900SD netbook for someone, and XP needs to be reinstalled. Already wiped the drive, and the recovery partition was gone when I got it. When running a (legit) XP Iso off of my USB flash drive, I get a message saying "hat.dll is missing or corrupt". Not sure what is...
  40. 1

    USB 2.0 limited to 20MB/s on eee pc 701 netbook?

    Is the USB 2.0 port of the eee PC 701 (the original) limited to 20MB/s in some way? In practice, most USB 2.0 memory sticks give around 20MB/s, even though the spec allows for much higher (around 500MB/s IIRC). USB 3.0 memory sticks of course give higher performance in a USB 3.0 - but...
  41. T

    Need Help Choosing a New Netbook/Laptop!

    Hey all, So. I had an ASUS Eee PC 1005HAB for a few years. I loved it. It was lightweight, boasted a long battery life, and had the juice to handle the kind of tasks I needed to take care of business while on the road or far removed from my desktop. Then the hard drive started to die. At...
  42. A

    Will this power adapter work as a replacement?

    I have an Asus EeePC 900 (at least according to the label Asus puts on the back of the device) that's a few years old, and the cord of the adapter connecting to the Eee PC side is starting to open up and will probably break off in time. I'm trying to find an adapter the is compatible but have...
  43. N

    Netbook won't turn on

    Hi, hope you can help me sort out this problem. The thing is, i have an Asus Eee PC1005PEB which, the other day, suddenly turned off. I was using it while the battery was being charged. Then, I tried removing it and leaving only the power cord connected, but nothing happened. There is no sign of...
  44. J

    asus Eeepc 1005pxd

    Does asus Eeepc 1005pxd processor support 64 bit version of windows?
  45. P

    Asus eeePC: Win7 Starter freezes on startup with cursor on screen

    Hi, I have an Asus eeePC1015 with Win7 starter that has been working flawlessly since I got it about 2 years ago. Since last week, I'm unable to complete Windows startup: Windows starts but freezes with the pointer in the middle of the screen. I am able to open Windows in safe mode, and it...
  46. F

    asus eeepc 1000ha fatal system error

    my wife's asus 1000ha has a fatal error when she started it up. it states it will shut the system down with the fata l error msg after xp screen appears. has anyone run across this time of problem
  47. N

    ASUS EEE 1005HAB PC Startup Repair Failure

    This evening I was testing out an install of Android Jelly Bean that was installed to my SD Card. Since the EEE PC version of Android doesn't have a shutdown option, I had to hard shut down the system. When I started the machine again, it told me to launch startup repair. I did, and it found the...
  48. N

    hd playback problem

    i have a asus eee pc 1015cx which the manufacturer say can play full hd 1080p playback. but i am not getting that performance for i which i can play only upto 720p. i hd tried vlc player and km player, but its the same.... even in ubuntu.. please help me... thanks in advance for helpers....
  49. maarkr

    Eee pc lid issue

    the lid on my son's eee pc blacks out when it gets almost full open. I pulled the screen protector off and didn't see any issue with the screen wire connections. Will a new screen fix this or does anyone know of something I'm not aware of since I don't know crap about how this is supposed to work.
  50. S

    Disable touchpad on asus Eee pc mini laptop

    Hello, how can i deactivate the touchpad on asus mini laptop?
  51. T

    Asus eeepc--1015BX bios pwd removal

    Hello, I have an Asus Eee PC -- 1015BX. I put a bios password and I forgot it. We tried every solution we've found on the web but we are not able to remove ( EFI) bios pwd although we first remove the battery jumper and wait for 20 minutes.Any help on this problem would be greatly...
  52. R


    I need to no on the back of the eee pc 900 the copper terminals where the battery goes which ones are positive and which ones are negative please thanks
  53. M

    Asus eeepc 1015 reinstall Windows 7

    I no longer have the recovery partition that came on my ASUS eeepc 1015PEM. There's no DVD drive. How can I reformat the entire hard drive, wipe out the partitioning and reinstall Windows 7 from USB port?
  54. TomtopLulu

    Is there anyone familiar with the ASUS Eee PC?

    I bought the ASUS Eee PC 1000H 3 years ago when my last PC was stolen. At that time, I do not have any particular requirements on PC. Only if it could support some multimedia and communication function. But now,my new job requires me to be equipped with a higher power processor. I am wondering...
  55. T

    Will a 40W charger work with a 9 Cell battery?

    I'm planning on purchasing my friend's Asus eeePC 1001PXD once he purchases a new laptop. Here's the specs from Newegg: It's in need of a replacement battery, and after an Amazon search I found a 9 cell designed for eeePC's for...
  56. I

    ASUS EeePC 1005HAB Battery "plugged in, charging" Does not charge

    Hey Tom's Hardware, I have this netbook for travelling and use on the go, and my battery has stopped working. It's detected and Windows claims it's charging, but there is absolutely no power in the battery. This is a huge pain as the charger is already broken and only works when plugged in at...
  57. RealtorRay

    Eee PC laptop will not start

    I have a 1005HA Eee PC that will not boot up :fou: . Since I have no CD drive I cannot use a CD and my USB port is read by PC, but I do not have a boot up disk on my USB drive. What do I do? :pt1cable:
  58. T

    What os will suite on my eee pc 900 4g

    i bought it 4 years ago. was not used for awhile. ok wasn't used for like a year and half. it is still in good condition aside from the keypads that is not working (from q-p) i want to try other os out there. lite version with only minimal ssd space usage. xp eats 3gb+. help me please?
  59. L

    My Asus Eee PC 90i can0A netbook to connect to the internet

    my Asus Eee PC 90oA netbook WONT connect to the internet