I need help


Dec 17, 2016
So like i was procrastinating doing a project trying to play some league but i was having troublw so i hit up support and they told me to uninstall and then reinstall my drivers so i did that, my computer then shut off and wont boot. Ive tried a ton of methods and dell support wont hekp since my warranty is out. Idk my project is due in a week but im screwd if i cant find a way to fix this

Saga Lout

Olde English
Assuming Windows, which version? Anything before 8, try starting up by tapping the Function 8 key and selecting Safe Mode. Log in to the Administrator account and see if System Restore can help you by opening a Run box and typing rstrui.exe into it then pressing the Enter key.

For Windows 8 and forwards, start it up and power down straight away by poressing the pwoer button for ten seconds. Sooner or later it will get the essage something is wrong and will offer you some start up repair options. One of them is Command Prompt - take that option and type rstrui.exe into the command form then hit Enter.