If I get 2017 Sony smart tv, will the HDMI connections work with Panasonic VHS/DVD combo


Oct 29, 2017
will connecting smart TV to older VHS/DVD combo via HDMI work? Forgot to say that the audio is not connected to 2007 LG TV but to HK Receiver and then to VCRs, so sound is not an issue. The 2007 LG HDTV is connected to 2 VCRs via HDMI. The issue is will the VCRs work with Smart or is the a solution besides buying a Blue Ray. Is there a video converter box?


It should, but some older HDMI connections don't talk well to all systems. I had an older Sony HDTV with HDMI that got audio but no video from a DVD player. If you are worried about it, try the unit with another newer TV at a friends house to see if it worked.
If you have a DVD/VCR with HDMI output it may only work for the DVD player not the VCR. Check the owners manual.
You will not be able to record anything from the TV tuner or "smart" functions since the TV doesn't have any video outputs.
A blueray player doesn't solve any issues for you since you won't be able to record from it either. HDMI is HDCP encoded so you can't record from HDMI. I also doubt your VCRs have HDMI inputs.
If you bought a Roku Express+ which has AV outputs then you could record from that.


Oct 29, 2017
I forgot also to add that the Panasonic DMR-EX48VVHS/DVD combos do have digital ATSC tuners and are connected to LG HD TV via HDMI so I was hoping that would be sufficient. The audio on TV turned off as is digital. Use analog receiver and speakers. Has worked fine since 2010 digital conversion. Assuming they will work. 2 VCRs attached to Comcast, set top and adapter. The composit connectors never worked, but HDMI connections from TV to VHS/DVD do work for recording both VHS and DVD and have for years and RCA for Betamax playback. Thanks.
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