I'm worried and need he..



I turned my laptop off last night as normal, tried to turn it on today.. And the lights are coming on, the power lights and the battery symbol is lit etc, but the screen is not coming up? It's just blank.. I can see my mouse and can move it but the screen is black? Can you please help me?


Sep 2, 2011
On your key board you will see a key marked FN also on the top row you have more keys marked F1-F12. You will need to press the FN key and the corresponding F1-12 key that looks like a picture of a monitor (or should have a pic of laptop) this allows you to transfer control of your laptop's screen to an external monitor. Maybe you hit one of these key combinations on accident.

If thats not it then...

Do you have an external monitor (from your home PC) that you can connect your laptop to? This really helps to determine the area of issue. If it works on an external you know your main board is ok and everything is operating the way it should, it may just come down to it being a backlight issue or simply a dead/dying LCD. Is the mouse cursor bright like it normally looks in Windows or is it dull and weaker looking?