In a laptop, will disabling igpu and constantly running dgpu make the processor cooler?

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Feb 21, 2016
My laptop has HD 4600 and a 960m. Sometimes the processor shoots up to 90 degrees C when it turbos from a base of 2.6 GHz to 3.5 GHz (for whatever reason). I disabled turbo boost and it dropped ambient temps more than 10 degrees. But will using the 960m over the 4600 make the processor even cooler? My laptop has a fan for the cpu and gpu so I was hoping to balance out the heat a little bewteen both devices by disabling the 4600 and using the 960m for any graphics. The laptop is pretty much constantly plugged in so power doesn't matter. Thanks in advance :)


Jan 23, 2015
Depends on the cooling solution. If it has a seperate heat pipe for GPU and CPU, it may run the CPU slightly cooler.

However, most, and mine (a Dell) share a single heat pipe between GPU and CPU to one fan, in which case, running the GPU will transfer that heat down the pipe and heat up the CPU a bit more as well.
The iGPU in Intel CPUs does not consume a lot of power and therefore does not really generate much heat unless you are stressing it; such as attempting to use it to play games.

Do not disable the iGPU. Windows is specifically coded to use it by default. Disabling the iGPU will cause the laptop to crash and the only way to get it up and running again is to reinstall Windows; which makes the iGPU the default GPU again.

If the laptop is no longer running as cool as it did when it was new, then try to clean the vents. If all else fails you may want to consider cleaning up all traces of thermal paste and apply new thermal paste. However, that means you need to take your laptop apart. You can either do it yourself or give it to a laptop technician to do it for you.
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