iPhone 5 EarPods not compatible with Asus UX32 Ultrabook


Jan 28, 2010
Hi all,

I have a Asus UX32 Ultrabook with Windows 7 X64 installed, I want to use iPhone 5 EarPods on it. However, I found I can't talke to other with the microphone of the iPhone 5 EarPods(they can't hear me on Skype). If I make a record, then I can hear some persistent noise like "tu tu tu......" when I play the record file. I can use the same iPhone 5 EarPods on other laptop without issue. And I can use other earphone(like the one from Nolia 920) on the Asus UX32 Ultrabook without any issue.

When I check the "Recording devices", I found the following issue, please see the screenshot. It always show this even if there is no sound into the microphone. BTW, I have the latest version of driver installed.


Jan 20, 2012
The device showing in the screenshot is the built in mic on your laptop sot it would make sense that it is picking up ambient sounds from using the keyboard etc. Can you hear sounds fine through the earpods? Some things to check are making sure you are fully seated into the headphone/mic port, I am assuming that this laptop has the 2 in 1 port. Additionally in the audio control panel you should be able to make sure that this port is the one that is active. Sometimes they are set to look for a mic plugged into the mic jack and not the 2 in 1 so it will then default to the laptops built-in mic because it is not recognizing an external input.