Is gsync worth the higher price on 144hz monitor for gaming?

Feb 21, 2018
So I currently use a 60hz 1080p monitor with my gaming pc (it has a Nvidia 1060 6GB built in) and I want to upgrade to something better.

At the beginning of my search for a good replacement I came across the AOC G2460PF. It costs 225€ at the moment and comes with a 144hz 1080p Panel without gsync.

Then I started to wonder if upgrading to a gsync monitor would be a worth the higher price. The cheapest 1080p 144hz gsync monitor comes in at 375€, the Acer Predator XB241Hbmipr.

My question for you is, is it worth it to go for the 150€ more expensive gsync monitor or should I buy the cheaper non gsync monitor?
I am looking forward to your opinions, thanks in advance!


Jun 11, 2008
Without the syncing technology, the higher refresh rate of the monitor would be wasted.

So the 144Hz monitor without gsync would run at 144 yet your games would be at their fps so you will still get tearing. (unless you can get all your game to run at 144FPS).
Feb 21, 2018

So if you were me, you would go for the gsync monitor, despite the 67% higher price?

Also: i am currently getting aroud 90 FPS in BF1 with my 60hz monitor. Shouldn’t i get stuttering or tearing right now? Because if i should and i just haven’t noticed it yet, i would therefore not notice it with a non gsync 144hz Monitor either. In that situation the non gsync model might be the better deal.

And lastly a different question: How much lower will my average FPS in-game be, when upgrading from 60 to 144hz? I am currently running BF1 at a little unden 100 FPS on a rough average. Because if it will drop down to 60 FPS, i might as well kepp my current monitor.
Thanks in advance for answering!


Jul 27, 2015
I personally love g-sync and I think it's worth it. People tend to keep monitors for a long time, If you get a g-sync monitor it will lock you to using nvidia for the lifespan of the monitor. If you're cool with that, I say go for it

To answer your second question. Your frame rate will be the same regardless of refresh rate. The only thing that will reduce your frame rate is if you get a higher resolution monitor. So, if you're getting 90fps @1080p in a game now you'll get 90fps in that game on a 144hz monitor of the same resolution.

Good luck!
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