Question Lapel Microphone Won't Properly Work With Laptop

Jul 9, 2019
Hello! I recently purchased a lapel microphone for my HP Pavilion Laptop. I want to use this in conjunction with my headset. My headset already has a built in microphone, but it is quite rubbish - hence the new lapel. If I use a audio splitter (1 male to 2 female) I run into a problem. If I use the both the audio jack and microphone jack for the headset, the headset turns on + the microphone in the headset turns on. If I plug in the lapel microphone however, it doesn't work with the splitter. If I plug the lapel mic in without the splitter it's instead recognized as a headphone. Another weird thing, is that contrary to my previous computers, the new devices I plug in aren't registered as a new device per sey, but they just "take over" for the laptop speakers or built in microphone (using the same name, and same device "profile" in the sound control panel.

  • If I plug it directly into the headset jack, it will either not register or it will be registered as a speaker/output device. If I speak into the microphone, I'm able to see the speakers volume bar go up.
  • If I plug in a headset directly it works completely fine.
  • If I use an audio splitter with a headset and the headsets microphone, it will work fine.
  • If I use an audio splitter with a headset and my lapel microphone - what I'm trying to do - it DOESN'T work. I am able to hear through the headset but the microphone isn't being picked up by anything.
Any idea how I can use my lapel mic in conjunction with my headset?

P.S. My laptop uses something called a B&O audio system and Realtek HD drivers. If I enable "Multistreaming" in B&O a new device "Realtek HD Audio 2nd output" shows up as headphones and "Mic in at front panel (black)" shows up under recording devices
Since I'm stuck with the horrible B&O Audio Manager it means that I don't have access to the Realtek HD Audio Manager that everyone online tells me to use.
Your headset having a microphone is a large part of your problem. If it was just headphones it might would a bit differently. However, that said, the 3.5mm ports on many laptops just don't work well with things like splitters, etc. The ports seem to be getting more cheaply made.

Alas I don't think you can make it work while you are still connecting with the headset that has a mic. You can try to make it work connecting through a USB port (using a 3.5mm to USB adapter) instead, but I still think you are going to run into trouble while there are two competing mics in the mix.
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