Aug 13, 2015
I just got a laptop from my friend. It is an Inspiron 3537.

Win8.1/x64, 4GB ram, Intel i4200U, HD8600M

After I got the laptop I ran a few graphically intensive games.Usually got around 3-5fps playing League of Legends and some games didn't even run.I checked the device manager, the two graphics card were displayed but there was a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it on the HD8600 icon.I opened the Catalyst Control Center(CCC) and in the program I could not see any settings I was used to see with previous AMD cards.

What I did while trying to solve the problem:
- I reinstalled all the drivers including: Intel chipset, audio, AMD video
The problem remained
- I uninstalled the graphics driver, then cleaned all the remaining files in safe mode with GURU3D
Didn't do anything

So here I am in desperate need of help.



You need the latest driver to be installed in your laptop. Here's what you need to do:
- Uninstall the AMD Radeon driver from Device Manager and same goes in Programs and Feature look for anything related to AMD in it then uninstall it as well.
- Download and install the latest driver from AMD support site. Here's the link:
- Use Auto Detect so it could give you the latest and most accurate driver for your laptop.
- Lastly be sure to reboot your laptop once everything has been installed properly.