Solved! Laptop charges sometimes , sometimes not

Jun 8, 2019
I have a Lenovo g50-45 laptop . facing a charging issue, battery hesitates to charge sometimes. And it shows a veraity of messages like

plugged in 0 minutes remaining(when battery is on 7%),
plugged in 1 minute remaining,
plugged in discharging
Plugged in(blank estimated time)

Sometimes it starts to charge normally and shows correct estimated time. Most of the times it deacrese it's charge even it is plugged in. Intially I suspect it's a charger issue and brought a new one because battery still shows a very very good battery backup off 3 hours if it is changed to a 100%.

I already did many methods of troubleshooting like .
uninstall /reinstall acpi drivers, Lenovo power management drivers, Battery gauge reset in Lenovo utility, Reinstall windows tried different versions , switched to other os like Ubuntu , updated drivers and softwares, flashing bios and updating bios.

My laptop don't even turn if battery is low. It can only work with battery power even AC adapter is plugged in. I don't know this is just my case or the model g50-45 is designed like this.

Do you recommend a battery change? My Battery still showing a very good battery backup makes me think issue is related to something else.

What are the other possible causes of this issue?
Jun 8, 2019
I bought a new battery and new charger still the issue not resolved. New battery sometimes charge sometimes not. Same battery estimate messages.
Jun 8, 2019
Both charger and battery are Lenovo original. My laptop model doesn't work on AC power it always need battery charge to turn on . Laptop was about 2 years old before this issue I always use conservative mode (stops charging at 65%) turned on lenovo app settings which they recommend to use for good battery life.After facing this issue I am not using this feature because when plugged in, most of the times charging suddenly stops shows incorrect charging time estimate or not charging and battery start to drain. Laptop is in very good condition, On a fully charged battery Laptop gets more than 3 hour backup. Performance is brilliant with my daily tasks. Only installed Ms office 2019, Chrome ,firefox,vlc. works on windows 10 1903 recent update.
Jun 8, 2019
I contacted a service technician said that faulty transistor on motherboard caused falling charging voltage to just 3v instead 20v. Issue is fixed by replacing it .Thanks for the help
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