Question Laptop dead after putting a ssd

Apr 12, 2021
Hello, i have a hp pavillion gaming 15, i opened it to put a new ssd on and now it doesnt start, after putting it back together i plugged it into the charger and the charger light turned on and it made a little whining sound and nothing happened afterwards, i then tried pressing the power button for a minute in a variety of ways, battery on or off, charger on or off with or without battery, then after pressing power for a while without battery and then plugging it into charger it started for a few seconds, not enough time for screen to come up and after that nothing happens not even charger light on when charger is connected, i removed the ssd i had put in and nothing changed, i am quite worried please any ideas would be of great help
thank you for your time sorry for bad english
Apr 12, 2021
When you installed the SSD, did you remove a previous HDD or SSD?
Sorry forgot to mention i put in a m.2 nvme ssd, it also has a hdd that came from the factory and i didnt do anything to it, the m. 2 port was free so i just installed the ssd and put the screw in
Apr 12, 2021
Sounds like you may have accidentally shorted the system. If so, the motherboard, at a minimum, may need to be replaced.

What specific model of HP do you have? And, what model of SSD did you install?
Its a HP Pavillion Gaming cx0001la, i installed a 240gb kingston a2000 series 2280
Apr 12, 2021
Sorry, but it does sound like the motherboard was damaged during the SSD installation. Is the system still under warranty?
Yes, i am in contact with the warranty, hopefully they will give me a solution, thanks for the answers, it seems that i am out of luck
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