Laptop doesn't boot, auto repair or recovery either


May 27, 2016
Hi guys

I've got an Asus N550lf with Windows 8, two days ago compute started working slowly, then was frozen and I had to shut it down with the button, after that didn't boot windows, gives me a blue screen and resets, then goes into Auto Repair but screen gets black forever, if I try F9 it just says "please wait", black screen and nothing.

I've read various topics in this forum about this but nothing worked for me.

I've tried all sort of F combinations and I reseted the defaults in the Bios, nothing works. When screen is black sometimes throws error after a long time and resets again, the hard drive system light works at times during black screen.

Any ideas? Should I try to get a boot in a USB or try to reinstall Windoes? I don't k ow and I really need my computer working asap.

Thank you.