Laptop screen acting weird[SOLVED]


Feb 17, 2015
Here's a tricky problem for me.

Yesterday I was running multiple applications on my laptop and the screen just froze. Nothing was working anymore, I couldn't even bring up task manager. So I pressed the power button for 5 seconds and the laptop turned off. Afterwards, when I turned it on the screen stayed black no BIOS logo, no windows login, but all the LEDs were on and it seemed like it was booting up fine it was just the screen that was black. I initially thought that the screen died so I plugged it in to my TV, where the laptop was working perfectly fine but it's screen was still black.

I tried changing the projection settings to PC screen only-Duplicate-Extend nothing worked as if there was no screen attached to my laptop, I even went to Intel HD Graphics Control Panel and the only display that I was able to select was my TV. After I normally restarted the laptop the screen turned on displaying the BIOS logo and it was working perfectly fine. The problem is that this has occured 3 times in 2 days so far and last time I had to restart the laptop 4 times in order to get the screen working. I am writing this post from the laptop with the problem.

What could be the causing this problem? The screen doesn't have any backlight problems or anything, but when this problem occurs it's like the built-in monitor has completely dissappeared from the display selection. I have reinstalled my windows 10 today and the problem occured after I reinstalled the driver for the dedicated nvidia 930M GPU and restarted the laptop. Also this problem started occuring a few days after I upgraded my laptop to windows 10 Creators update.

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