Laptop screen goes black, no cursor, randomly only after windows 8 login


Aug 24, 2012
Sometimes its instant, other times its fine for hours. As of right now it's happening immediately after I login. It doesn't happen when I'm on the windows 8 login screen . Right now I'm very lucky to even get 30 seconds before it goes black. Sometimes it happens when I move the screen or tap the keyboard, but I have it sitting on a sturdy table and am being very careful and it still happens. Closing the screen and opening it and logging back in fixes it until I log back in.

Any ideas? It's a gs60 ghost with a 960m

Edit: now it's immediately turning black when I open doesn't immediately do it with Internet Explorer though, but it does evenaturally.


Apr 12, 2017
Solved : Running HP laptop with Windows 10. Read all the expert advice n followed through the instructions but none helped. What helped me was that on charging, the screen brightness was supposed to be set at ZERO in control panel>power Option>balanced>change plan setting. The reason was that the command is inverted somehow. Low brightness is taken as high brightness and high is taken as low. Don't know the reason for this yet.