Laptop screen has green pixels


Mar 11, 2014
Hello guys,

It was yesterday when I was using my laptop in the morning. Everything was working fine. Then I turned off my laptop.

After an hour or so, when I switched it on, my laptop's screen turned all green-ish. There was a heavy rain during that period when the laptop was switched off. And it was placed in a bit cold place. The temperature was still around about 10-13 degrees C.

I thought it might be the problem because of weather because sometimes our TV and my personal desktop computer's monitor does the same too. And it becomes fine after keeping it on for couple of hours.

But the same didn't work out for my laptop's screem. :(

I tried connecting the VGA cable to externel computer to make sure the problem isn't with the GPU. Externel monitor worked fine. No issues were there. As far as drivers are concerned, i'm sure the problem is not with the drivers because the green shade persists on boot-splash logo as well i.e. dell.

Although, i've searched around a bit and found out that people had the same problem but there was a difference. There black pixels turned into green. but in my case, thats not an issue. If I open up a full black picture, It works fine. Although, there is some green-ish shades but 95% of the screen is clear black.

It shouldn't be any cable connecter issue because it didn't fell off or struck with something.

These are the snapshots I've taken.

Kindly help me to fix it.

Thanks :)


Jul 22, 2015
From the information and tests you have performed, I would say that either the LCD screen on your laptop has gone bad or the connector to the board is not making the connection properly. These component can be very sensible and even temperatures and humidity in the environment can affect them.
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