laptop screen needs vga monitor to work


Aug 10, 2016
my sons laptop got switched over to the 'second screen only' option by mistake yesterday, to get round this problem ive plugged in an old pc monitor (as his hdmi port doesnt seem to work). i transfered back to 'screen 1 only' (and later on, trying to rectify the problem, been through 'extend', and 'duplicate'). all was fine i thought until i unplugged the vga cable, and both screens have gone black.

the laptop screen now only turns on when the monitor is plugged. it loads the toshiba logo at start up, then turns off before the loading screen and password page.

model: satellite c50-b-1c4.

if anyone can help i would be greatly appreciative as i spent all yesterday trying different things (including hard restart) and searching through half the internet.