Laptop shuts down after a few minutes

Jeremy Jesenovec

Sep 30, 2014
My daughters's laptop shuts down after 3 to 4 minutes. It asks to do a chkdsk when I power on. If I do a chkdsk, it will shut down somewhere in the middle of the scan.

If I don't choose chkdsk on startup, then windows will completely load and it will shut down after a few minutes.

I have loaded in Safe Mode but it shuts down after a few minutes.

I have gone into <F2> setup when the computer is booting, but even at setup, it shuts down after a few minutes.

The fan is running and even when I immediately turn it back on after its shuts down, it will still run for a few minutes before shutting down again.

It's a Gateway NV55C; Intel P6100, Windows 7.


Nov 4, 2013
i would get a linux LiveCD and boot into that, if the laptop stays on its probably a windows issue. If the laptop also shuts down in the Linux LiveCD its probably a hardware issue. (heat/motherboard probably).

Ron Burgundy

Aug 16, 2013
Definitely sounds like its overheating. Try to find a hardware monitor page in the BIOS/Setup to check temperatures. If the CPU heatsink is no longer doing its job, that would cause it to shutdown in order to prevent damage.

If there's no hardware monitor in the BIOS, try putting speedfan on a usb stick and quickly install it to check the temperatures.

How old is the laptop?


Can you see the Bios Logs, also check the temperature monitor, the fans intake must be dusty, so the system cannot pull clean air, and the temperatures rises, so the system shutdowns to prevent system failure. However hard to say, without enough information. If this continues, I would get your laptops technical manual from and go through the process on how to take the back cover off. Check the fans and if dust is present use an air duster can to clean the fans (make sure you hold the fan while dusting), and the back cover openings. Hope this helps.
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