Laptop suddenly turning off when leaning on keyboard area. HELP!!!


Nov 18, 2017
I have a odd problem, I was playing a game last night and all of a sudden my laptop glitched up , froze and i held the power button to turn it off. I assumed maybe it might have overheated but this isnt the case. Today as i was browsing the internet looking for any answers to my problem, since it had recurred earlier today, (randomly turning off by itself whilst playing a game) i found that , it turned off when my wrist was leaning over on the bottom left section of the laptop, to the left of the mouse pad, so i can press the WSAD buttons. When i press down where the left bottom side of keyboard is, it instantly turns off. What might be the reason for this? Have i loosened a power connection by constantly leaning on that side with my hand? My laptop specs are :
Windows 10, Lenovo B5050,
Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.


Dec 18, 2014
No way to tell for certain but you're on the right track. Could be shorting something out, pulling on a connection causing it to momentarily disconnect, etc suggestion would be to not lean on that section of the laptop.
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