laptopscreen goes black and barely can be view


Apr 23, 2013
my laptop ibm t60 screen h aas gone to very dark and it can not be watched and windows works properly all the programmes are runing still
The other possibility is that the backlight burned out. The T60 is old enough that it uses a CCFL (a small fluorescent light bulb or bulbs). Those tend to start burning out after about 5-7 years, which is right around the age of a T60.

If that's the problem, the good news is they can be replaced. The bad news is it's not really a do-it-yourself job unless you're very comfortable with electronics. You pretty much have to half-disassemble the laptop and screen, and there's a dangerous high voltage inverter in there which drives the CCFL (in fact sometimes the CCFL is fine and it's the inverter which has failed). So you'll probably end up paying a laptop repair shop to fix it for you.