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  1. H

    Solved! I bought a ibm r54 laptop. I think before they sold it to me they erased everything. Is there a way to recover with out a disk

    I bought a used IBM r54 laptop I think they raced everything before they sold it to me is there a way to recover without a disk
  2. A

    Ibm R51 laptop not working

    Hi guys i have a spare old ibm R51 with celeron processor two ram stick not sure about their specs and storage and a hitachi hard drive of 40 gb. Now my problem is that my laptop is not working and every time i power it up it gives beep codes (2-3) and no display even display dont even flicker...
  3. A

    Ibm R51 black screen with beeps

    Hi everyone i own a ibm r51 think pad laptop with celeron processor and don't know ram specs and also a hitachi 80 gb ide port drive. Now my problem is that every time i power up my system it gives some beeps( not sure about beep counts but between 3-5) and blows cpu fan and battery indicator on...
  4. M

    HD Drive swap

    I have an old IBM Thinkpad with a 100+ Gb hard drive in it, running M$ XP. I also have a Dell D600 with a 40Gb hard drive, running Winblows 7 Pro, but the battery is shot. What I'd like to do, if possible, is swap the hard drive out of the Dell into the IBM Thinkpad to give it to the Grandkids...
  5. A

    Bought a DOS laptop, but not sure if it is really DOS

    I bought the Lenovo Ideapad 320. I figured if i buy the DOS version, it'd be cheaper than the windows 10 preinstalled model. I have a CD of windows 7 and windows 10. I plugged the laptop in to the charger and i booted it. It showed the Lenovo Loading screen and then it went to a black screen...
  6. J

    IBM laptop no power

    Turns on for 3 seconds and then turns off
  7. L

    My t30 ibm laptop is in a boot loop, it gets all the way to the xp loading screen then restarts, what do I do?

    My laptop is rebooting itself and I can't get it to stop
  8. U

    my IBM labtop wont power on

    my ibm labtop wazs working fine the previous night, this morning i find the power light is off. i try to turn it on but nothing. its plugged in and i tried changing the battery but it still wont power on. this has happened before and switching the battery has worked but this time it still doesnt
  9. B

    IBM ThinkPad X40 2371 Boots up, then turns off.

    I got an IBM ThinkPad X40 2371 off Ebay a couple days ago. The laptop seems to be in good condition, but when I turned it on, it turns off about 2 seconds later. I thought it was the fan, so I cleaned it out. After cleaning, the laptop did the same thing. I removed the battery and plugged the...
  10. bondfan123

    Which Used Thinkpad Should I Buy?

    Hi, Being only a High School student, I managed to pick up a part time job at a cell phone and electronics repair shop. With me being very tech-savy at my age, building, upgrading, and repairing computers, laptops, and phones, this was a nice fit! Currently, I have a custom built gaming PC for...
  11. BiggerBluer

    What is a laptop similar to the old IBM ThinkPads?

    I am looking for a laptop that can take a beating. I don't care what it looks like. I don't care if it weights 30 lbs. I would prefer to be able to access parts to be able to change them out later. I would also prefer no touch screen. Are the current thinkpads still decent? What are my options...
  12. L

    Very old IBM (Lenovo) notebooks with blank screen.

    I have two very old IBM Thinkpads (T23 and T30) and, after being off for an year or more, both have the same behavior: you power them up, all the keyboard lights light up, the fan works, if you put a Cd into the CD reader it spins, but both screens are completely black, not a flicker... I tried...
  13. J

    IBM Keyboard Types Numbers Not Letters

    IBM Thinkpad. Letters type numbers instead of letters. How do I turn off the Icon in the lid, that looks like a house/arrow with the number 1 in it. [Right next to the CAP Icon]
  14. O

    IBM/Lenovo T60 died suddenly

    Looking for troubleshooting guide to determine why it died and can I repair it. It shows no sign of charging even with a replacement adapter. It was my favorite laptop and I would like to resurrect it.
  15. Y

    IBM Ram 1gb

  16. burtman88

    IBM Portable PC 5155

    Hey found this in my attic IBM Portable PC 5155, unlce use to work at IBM. Remeber playing with this over 20 years ago as a kid. Still powers up i have all the discs it came with including a couple of games. Its in near perfect condition. Is it worth anything just wondering?
  17. N

    IBM Thinkpad T20 salvation possible?

    Greetings, A few days ago i dug up a old laptop that i completely forgot about, and it worked fine in the past. If i'm aware, it's running Windows XP that i pre-installed, however, after charging it, and starting it, this happens: I have attempted pulling out the battery, press the power button...
  18. S

    i cant find ibm r51 video driver and wifi driver for win 7 32bit

    i cant find ibm r51 video driver and wifi driver for win 7 32bit
  19. M

    IBM Thinkpad R52

    Hello, I have an IBM Thinkpad R52/ Type 1847-38U S/N LV-A7357 05/06. I attempted to turn the computer on and it gives the message: Warning: Your internal hard disk drive may not function correctly on this system. Ensure that your HDD is supported on this system and that the latest HDD...
  20. M

    IBM Thinkpad T40 screen issue

    I have an ibm thinpad t40, i had got it from someone else, it had been sold to me. one day the screen just went out. BUT, recently iv'e opened it and looked at it, cleaned it and the screen came back on, it was working. thn it just went out and I can't get the screen on. I have no idea how the...
  21. P

    Incompatible Wifi card?

    Hi, i have ordered BCM43225HMB because i building hackintosh, and in description was: "Not compatible with HP/LENOVO/THINKPAD" I have lenovo g580 with modded bios (removed wifi card whitelist) I have send qestion about compatibility withhout whitelist, and i recieved this answer: "I have...
  22. E

    IBM T61 total power off after a few minutes

    Hello, my IBM T61 is powering itself off after a few minutes. The fan works. The problem is not due to Windows, because even in the bios it powers off after being on for two to three minutes. Sometimes it takes more time, some time less. I tested this configuration: SSD, DVD and battery are...
  23. B

    How do I fix a broken circuit board for a speaker?

    I was trying to fix a speaker that I had lying around the house. It had a very loud bass and you could hardly hear the voices/vocals. I was opening it up and a black rectangle piece came off of the circuit board. It has the letters and numbers TDA7240A 8AB631 SING on the back of the piece. It is...
  24. C

    Can I get 5.1 sound from my Lap top?

    I have a IBM Think pad with just 2 imputs for a speakers and a Creative 5.1 sound system for PC's that has 3 connectors for the PC. The sound card is a 'Real Tek' HD, it does not give me the option of using anything but analog/stereo but the sub-woofer works with the 2 speakers. Any suggestions.
  25. 8

    my ibm t40 works for a short time and then freezes up

    My IBM t40 works for a short time and then freezes up.
  26. C

    My Ibm thinkpad won't come on. It's charging fine but when I hit the power button it doesn't come on. Any ideas?

    My ibm think pad will not turn on. I hit the power button and nothing happens. The screen stays black. Any ideas?
  27. B

    IBM x41 Tablet can it handle internet these days?

    Hi everyone, just been looking for a tablet for drawing simple caricatures. And found IBM x41 Tablet which is extremely cheap these days, however looking at the specs i'm afraid it won't even handle something as simple as email on html5 webpage. The problem is that it has non upgradable Intel...
  28. B

    start up problem

    My IBM think pad shuts down before start up is finished. Doe's any one know why?
  29. deadfish

    IBM Stinkpad x32 - blank screen.

    I was able to confirm via a series of beeps that everything is receiving power, and properly. I removed and reset the memory, and HD. I fully charged the battery and also have tried while plugged into the wall: But yet I still get absolutely...
  30. R

    IBM laptop R60e can be upgraded to 4 GB , Please reply I need help, God bless you friends

    Hello, IBM laptop R60e can be upgraded to 4 GB , Please reply I need help, God bless you friends, thanks
  31. R

    Buying a Gaming Laptop

    Hey there. I just have a question about purchasing a laptop for gaming. Now, I just want to say this, I'm not looking to do higher end gaming. All I want to play from time to time are game emulators. -ePSXe (For playstation 1 games) -Virtual Boy Advance (For GBA games) -Project64 (Nintendo 64...
  32. Janset

    IBM T21 Laptop will not start

    Hi All. I have an old IBM T21 laptop that runs Windows XP Pro.This laptop has served me well over a number of years until yesterday. I fired the T21 up and up came the IBM splash screen during the BIOS loading. Then all of a sudden I heard a long beep followed by 2 short beeps, and there it...
  33. A

    IBM W530: Wireless - Slow Bootup

    All, I have a very strange problem I can't quite figure out. I have an IBM W530 laptop with an I7, 16GB of ram and a 256gb Samsung 840 pro HD. It's great, super fast. However, if I have my wireless toggle turned on during bootup, it takes a good couple of minutes to get past the login...
  34. D

    IBM T43 Intermittent startup failure. Sometimes starts fine. Sometimes goes dead straight off. Sometimes 1 beep then off.

    IBM T43 Intermittent startup failure Just recently my T43 would completely fail to start. The battery light would be on with the power supply plugged in. I would press the power on button and the battery LED would go off and that would be it. Then I unplugged the PS and battery and reattached...
  35. exfileme

    IBM Has Laid Off Over 3,000 Workers; Union Reacts

    The job cuts weren't unexpected but shocking nonetheless. IBM Has Laid Off Over 3,000 Workers; Union Reacts : Read more
  36. T

    laptopscreen goes black and barely can be view

    my laptop ibm t60 screen h aas gone to very dark and it can not be watched and windows works properly all the programmes are runing still
  37. E

    Old Laptop w/ ssd Vs. New Laptop w/ better APU

    Hello, Nice forum, very knowledgeable. I'm in need of a laptop while on a budget of $400. I've narrowed my search down to: -a used Lenovo T400 + Samsung 128 GB ssd + 9cell battery -an Asus w/ an a8-4500m 7640g APU LINK ASUS Which is the better purchase overall? Thanks,
  38. K

    IBM T61 Wireless Connection Problem

    Cannot connect to any wireless networks available in my area not even my home. What to i do?
  39. G

    Ibm audio driver free download

  40. np0205

    IBM R52 issues

    Hello, I'm having issues with my IBM R52. It had some problems with the screen. When the laptop would be moved ,even very slightly the screen would somtimes have a distorted picture, fuzziness, vertical lines and sometimes it would show just like a white screen. Now the problem has become...
  41. M

    Difficulty in finding video drivers

    Hello, i am having a problem with finding the video drivers for my IBM think center PC. please assist
  42. S


    my laptop ibm t41 not operaton, because bios locked. share your pasword please. thanks.
  43. C

    Lenovo ibm t60

    hey guys i have got a lenovo t60 ibm think pad,when i start it up it gives me to beeps and shows me :error 0271:check the date and time settings and error 2100:hdd0(hard disk drive)initialization erroe(1) what can i do to get it work normal?
  44. L

    [Solved] No sound on IBM T40

    what is the make and model of the sound card in the t40 ibm thinkpad?
  45. I

    Ibm x32 laptop review

    hello i purchased a ibm x32 for my youngest daughter second hand so it did not come equipped with any documentation my query is i have o2 hotshot wireless broadband but the previous owner used eircom broadband i am finding it difficult to connect to the o2 hotshot i would hugely apprecaite any...
  46. D

    Ibm t40 laptop usb not worked

    Hello, my old ibm t40 usb not worked. that means when put usb pen drive into usb port, the pen drive not show. pls help me by mail thanks
  47. G

    IBM Expands 500-Mile-Per-Charge Battery Project

    Three years ago, IBM launched a project with the goal to build a lithium-air battery that can power a car for 500 miles per charge. IBM Expands 500-Mile-Per-Charge Battery Project : Read more
  48. G

    IBM Patents Idea to Make the Entire Floor a Multitouch Area

    IBM has filed a patent for an intelligent multi-touch floor that is used to identify objects and react to certain events. IBM Patents Idea to Make the Entire Floor a Multitouch Area : Read more
  49. D

    Need to choose a laptop from a lst , please help!

    Hello everyone, I am asking for help Choosing a model, from the above list. The intention is to select the most reliable model. And The maximum performance. Thanks in advance for any help: IBM T61 IBM T60 IBM T43 IBM T42 IBM T41 IBM X61 IBM X60 IBM X32 IBM X31 IBM X30 IBM X200...
  50. G

    Harddisk van ibm t42 laptop

    Hello, can i sell every harddrive for my thinkpad T42?
  51. A

    Hardware problem images ibm t41 power problems

    Hello, Hardware images is komant finder ic
  52. G

    Ibm bios password

    I am trying to log into an IBM thinkpad but I seem to have forgotten the BIOS password anyone who can help me? Shem
  53. G

    IBM Patents Predator Identification

    Remember Chris Hansen's "To catch a Predator" series on Dateline NBC? IBM Patents Predator Identification : Read more
  54. K

    What can I do if my computer keys are slow to type?

    Hello, All of a sudden some of the keys on my computer have to be stroked very hard and many times before the letter appears. Very frustrating. I have an IBM laptop.
  55. A

    How to break the password of bios ibm t23

    hi, how are you? I just wanna know how to break the password of bios on my laptop, because I have forgotten it, please help me.... :bounce:
  56. J

    Ibm password removal

    Hello, hi i bought 6 IBM T42 at aution but all have bios passwords, how can i get pass please
  57. J

    Ibm password removal

    Hello, hi i bought 6 IBM T42 at aution but all have bios passwords, how can i get pass please
  58. C

    What wrond laptop ibm R31 screen not working

    Hello, i have an IBM R31 i change the little battery fru pin 02k7062 put it all back together the ture it on and now the screen had nothing on it please can you help
  59. L

    Solved! Is the hard drive for ibm 2743 compatable with ibm t42?

    i have a ibm thinkpad 2743...the pc was taken apart and the screw pieces broken. i have 2 hard drives and want to know what type thinkpad is compatable for the hard drives i have. I want to get something off ebay.