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    Solved! Can i fix a moniter on an IBM think pad laptop if it\'s screen is not showing

    hey there am called drizydre and i have an IBM thinkpad laptop which has a spolit screen, so can i fix a working flat screen monoitor on my laptop to act as my screen display?
  2. bobarotti

    Solved! IBM T30 Integrated Graphics

    I have an old IBM Touchpad T30 with the following specs: Intel Pentium 4-M 2.0 GHz Intel 845MP chipset 512 MB DDR SDRAM PC2100 (One dead slot this is the max I can install) AGP 4x - ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 16MB DDR SDRAM (Integrated/shared memory) Windows 7 I really kinda like this laptop...
  3. L

    Solved! Ibm t21 thinkpad boot problem

    My Thinkpad T21 laptop will not start--just a click when the "on" switch is pressed. Occasionally I get the IBM splash screen for about 5 seconds, then it goes black, and does the click thing again. This began right after I blew off the keyboard and cooling vent with compressed air--about 20...
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    Hello, need free audio driver for IBM think pad R60
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    Google Acquires 1,030 Patents From IBM

    Google may have passed on the recent Nortel patent feeding frenzy, and allowed Apple, Microsoft, Research in Motion, Ericsson, Sony, and EMC to buy a huge patent package with more than 6000 individual patents for $4.5 billion in cash. Google Acquires 1,030 Patents From IBM : Read more
  6. exfileme

    IBM, AMD Providing CPU, GPU for Nintendo Wii U

    IBM will be providing the console's processor (SOI) while AMD will be throwing in a custom Radeon HD GPU. IBM, AMD Providing CPU, GPU for Nintendo Wii U : Read more
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    Solved! Want to replace my wireless b adapter with a wireless g, ibm t41

    I have an older IBM t41 and wanted to replace the wireless b adapter with a wirless g adapter. Do I just need to switch the boards out and everything will work or will drivers need to be downloaded?
  8. G

    Erro 08611 by ibm laptops

    Hello, am always gettting erro 08611, 161 and 163 when startring my imb 600E laptop. Can any one help me to get read of this so that I can use it again?
  9. G

    IBM Predicts Holographic Phone Calls For 2015

    It has been a tradition for IBM to make a technology prediction at the end of every year - a prediction that focuses on technology that may be common five years from now. IBM Predicts Holographic Phone Calls For 2015 : Read more
  10. B

    Solved! Thinkpad t41

    Hello, I have IBM (lenovo) T41. Used system recovery (reset factory setup) - blue ACESS IBM button (nowadays changed into ThinkVantage button). Everyhting proceed without any troubles. At the end of reinstalation, when my pc restarts for the last time the monitor went black. No respond at all...
  11. G

    Ibm laptop not working wireless on bthomehub settings

    My son has an IBM T42 laptop and I have an IBM x32 laptop. the T42 was running Windows 7 and the x32 Windows XP. When my son connected to our BTHOMEHUB using wireless my x32 (also wireless) imediately lost internet access (Still showing as connected to the BThonehub but no data transfer) as soon...
  12. J

    Drivers for ibm 600e

    Due to technical problems with the hard drive which was exchanged by a new one we need the drivers to download. Where to obtain or who can help me out?
  13. W

    Solved! Which IBM Lenovo Laptop is better

    I want to get a new laptop and I was told that IBM is one of the best and professional laptops in the world after suffering so much from my hp pavilion 1275mx that has so much low performance that i bought it in a hurry without investigating its performance so now I have some options from IBM...
  14. J

    Solved! IBM T42 hard drive failure

    One day, the laptop wouldn't turn on, so I installed windows 7. The first 2 times, it said the files were corrupt, and failed. But the third time, it finally worked, and I got it all working. Then I restarted it, and it wouldn't go past the Windows loading screen. I got a Best Buy PC-Check CD...
  15. shovenose

    Dropped my laptop

    i tripped over the cord of my ibm r50 pentium m 1.4ghz laptop and so it fell on the tile floor :( i have an ssd so no data loss, but the right hinge snapped. the computer still owrks, but im worried that the wire that is now in view that used to be protected by the hinge will be damaged. what...
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    How you open cd tray on an ibm think pad x31

    i own an ibm thinkpad x31 t3o laptop and it has a cd bay how you open the cd bay to burn cds
  18. G

    Solved! IBM T21

    Hello, i have a ibm t21 two problems one sometime it wont turn on but i disconnect the battery for hours at a time and it will turn on is there a fix for for that problem next problem #2 the fan is not turning isn't it supposed to turn all the time what should i do if its a problem
  19. shovenose

    Solved! IBM R50 - FASTER PLZ!!!

    I spilled water on my main core2duo laptop, so its dead. So i got an ibm r50, which happens to be in need of some serious speeding up. 1.4ghz pentium m centrino 768mb ram 20gb 4200rpm hdd ati radeom 7500 32mb xp home its a great laptop, even though the battery sucks (1hr or less)... and it...
  20. Marcus Yam

    IBM's Future Traffic Lights Want to Control Your Car

    But what happens when traffic lights fail. IBM's Future Traffic Lights Want to Control Your Car : Read more
  21. G

    Solved! Resetting IBM Think Pad to factory settings

    Can anyone tell me how to reset my IBM Think Pad laptop to factory settings? It is partitioned with Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional! I have no type of cd!
  22. A

    Solved! Unnamed/blank Startup item in System Config Utility

    Hello, I have an unnamed/blank Startup item in System Config Utility on my IBM T42 laptop...any one have any ideas as to how to identify it?
  23. A

    IBM R40 problems

    Hello, Need help with my IBM R40 laptop. I was using it when suddenly the power went off. I took out the battery and use the power outlet charger instead but after awhile it turns off again. What does it mean? Do I need to replace my charger and battery?
  24. G

    How to fix my ibm laptops sound

    Hello, I am getting no sound from my ibm T41 laptop, except when I use an earphone. How do I fix this?
  25. P

    Ibm rapid restore pc

    I have a Thinkpad R40 and upgraded my hard drive and then tried to restore my XP Pro and IBM preloads from Rapid Restore. Rapid Restore is asking for a OEM License and key number. It has a space to select register, when I click it says web site not available. Any thoughts on how I would find...
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  27. J

    No sound on IBM T40

    how do I enable sound on my IBM T40 laptop???
  28. L

    Ibm rapid restore

    I have a desktop computer and a message keeps popping up and I'm not sure what it means. It's saying the drive or network connection that the shortcut 'ibm rapid restore lnk' refers to is unvailable. Make sure the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available.
  29. G

    Joe in Australia ThinkPad password

    Hallo I don't remember the password bios IBM T22. please help Me thanks
  30. G

    How to clear IBM T30 CMOS password

    Can anyone help me to clear IBM T30 password ?
  31. G

    Driver for an ibm 600x thinkpad dvd-rom

    my dvdrom don't show up in my computer, its in device manger with a question mark on it but can't do any thing about it
  32. R

    IBM Thinkpad T-40 HDD Upgrade

    I want to upgrade my IBM T-40 Thinkpad from a current 40GB HDD to something at least twice the size or larger. Almost every bit of the literature I've read about T-40s indicates that they can only handle up to 80GB HDDs. Any truth to that? Also, the current HDD is ATA (IDE); is it possible...
  33. B

    Solved! Amplify sound on laptop

    How do I amplify sound on a ibm t 43 laptop?
  34. Y

    IBM Lenovo T61

    My friend forgot the BIOS password and he is not able to use the PC. As soon as he starts the PC it asks for password. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance
  35. exfileme

    Second Life ''Enterprise'' Now Testing at IBM, Navy

    Linden Labs announced an Enterprise, "behind-the-firewall" version of Second Life. Second Life ''Enterprise'' Now Testing at IBM, Navy : Read more
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    I have a older ibm thinkpa 600e and windows xp was on it andquit working how do i resitall windows xp on it and if need be where would i get a boot up software for it
  37. N

    Solved! Thinkpad ibm bios password t30

    thinkpad ibm bios password t30 how to reset
  38. B

    Ibm 600 cmos battery jack broke off

    any one with a board schematic on the 600 I am trying to replace the jack that was broken
  39. R

    Backup recovery for IBM R40

    We've got an IBM R40 Thinkpad and a USB backup drive. The R40 has been brought to factory settings and now needs RESCUE AND RECOVERY VERSION 2.X to access the backup drive. It's not available on IBM's web site----do you know how it may be available? Thanks--John
  40. exfileme

    IBM Masking Technology Hides Data

    IBM is developing server-side software than can mask sensitive data in real-time. IBM Masking Technology Hides Data : Read more
  41. JMcEntegart

    Judge: Papermaster Could Cause Irreparable Damage to IBM

    According to court documents recently unsealed, the judge presiding over the IBM versus Papermaster lawsuit banned the latter party from working at Apple because he felt it would result in irreparable damage for IBM. Judge: Papermaster Could Cause Irreparable Damage to IBM : Read more
  42. JMcEntegart

    IBM vs Papermaster: Papermaster Countersues

    Mark Papermaster, a former IBM executive barred from taking a job at Apple, has countersued IBM claiming the noncompete agreement he is allegedly in violation of is too broad and unenforceable IBM vs Papermaster: Papermaster Countersues : Read more
  43. JMcEntegart

    Former IBM Manager Could Recieve Financial Compensation

    Late last week former IBM Executive Mark Papermaster was ordered to stop working at Apple until further notice. News emerged yesterday that Papermaster could be thinking of seeking financial compensation from IBM. Former IBM Manager Could Recieve Financial Compensation : Read more
  44. JMcEntegart

    Judge Orders Former IBM Exec to Stop Work at Apple

    A federal judge Friday ordered former IBM manager, Mark Papermaster, to step back from his position at Apple following a brief court case that saw IBM sue Papermaster for allegedly breaching a noncompete agreement he signed while working for Big Blue. Judge Orders Former IBM Exec to Stop Work...
  45. N

    What is your Fav. Laptop........Enter here and say

    My fav laptop is IBM,SONY
  46. JMcEntegart

    Apple Hires IBM Chip Designer, IBM Files Lawsuit

    Apple recently hired Mark Papermaster, IBM's former vice president of microprocessor technology development. While Mr. Papermaster was no doubt thrilled to be headed to Apple, it looks like his old employer is saying not so fast... Apple Hires IBM Chip Designer, IBM Files Lawsuit : Read more
  47. G

    IBM Leaves Redmond, Pitches Microsoft-free Desktops

    San Francisco (CA) - IBM prepares a big rollout of its Lotus Symphony office suite and what better marketing to support the launch than an anti-Microsoft pitch? IBM Leaves Redmond, Pitches Microsoft-free Desktops : Read more
  48. G

    Lenovo Joins the $399 Notebook Party

    Research Triangle Park (NC) - IBM's former notebooks division, now part of Lenovo, appears to be moving much faster these days. Lenovo Joins the $399 Notebook Party : Read more
  49. S

    reset bios password on IBM

    I have an IBM Thinkpad T30 2366-88u I used to be able to enter the bios. I pulled the little round lithium backup battery out and now the bios wants a password to get in. The thing won't even boot now. Says the date and time settings have changed
  50. G

    HP Taking Aim On IBM With Risky $13.2 Billion Acquisition Of EDS

    Riding a hot streak that has doubled its stock price in the past three years, Hewlett-Packard is rolling the dice on a $13. HP Taking Aim On IBM With Risky $13.2 Billion Acquisition Of EDS : Read more
  51. G

    IBM Q1 Profit Jumps 26%

    Quarterly profits at leaped 26 percent and blew past analysts' forecasts Wednesday, with U. IBM Q1 Profit Jumps 26% : Read more
  52. G

    Second Life: Tamed For Corporate Consumption

    IBM and Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life, are placing a stake in the ground today for corporate virtual worlds. Second Life: Tamed For Corporate Consumption : Read more
  53. J

    IBM T42 Hard Drive Upgrade- What am I doing wrong?

    Hi all, I have an IBM T42 that came with a 40gb HD. I bought a 100gb Hitachi ATA-IDE drive , a USB external case and Norton Ghost 14. Here's what I've done so far: I made a copy of the Fat32 partition and assigned it drive letter "E". This is the small hidden IBM system partition. I made...
  54. G

    IBM's Green File Sharing Optical Network

    IBM today unveiled a prototype of a new technology that it said could send eight terabits of data per second using the power of a 100-watt lightbulb. IBM's Green File Sharing Optical Network : Read more
  55. G

    Opinion: IBM, Nvidia In Line To Buy AMD

    Opinion - The past 19 months haven't been easy on the company from Sunnyvale, CA, but in this analysis we're going to try to shed some light into what's really going on over there, and provide a reasonable insight into the current state of, "To merge or not to merge - that is the question."...
  56. G

    3GSM: Second Life - Phone Calls and Text Messages Thanks to IBM

    IBM introduced a stunning application during this year’s Mobile World Congress. It allows citizens of the virtual world to send and receive text messages and even place phone calls. Zygmunt Lozinski from IBM gave us a demonstration of the whole thing. 3GSM: Second Life - Phone Calls and Text...
  57. G

    IBM Releases Symphony Beta 4

    IBM has released the fourth beta of its office suite "Symphony". The new version includes a faster spell checker, support for password-protected Excel files, additional languages for the installation GUI, as well as improved data i IBM Releases Symphony Beta 4 : Read more
  58. G

    IBM Reports $4 Billion Q4 Profit

    IBM today announced fourth quarter earnings of $4.0 billion, up almost 12% from $3.5 billion reported for Q4 2006. Revenues were up 10% from $26.3 billion to $28.9 billion in the same time frame. For the complete year, IBM reported sales of $98.8 billi IBM Reports $4 Billion Q4 Profit : Read more
  59. G

    IBM's Strong Preliminary Results For Q4

    Computer server and software maker IBM said Monday its fourth-quarter earnings from continuing operations rose 24% from a year ago (to $28.9 billion), beating Wall Street expectations by a wide margin.The preliminary report, released in advance of its IBM's Strong Preliminary Results For Q4 ...
  60. P

    IBM X60 ThinkPad rrbackups File & ThinkPad Forum Question

    I'm working on a friends X60 ThinkPad. XP Pro is installed on it's 60 GB drive. Looking closely at the drive I found a hidden file called RRbackups. The file is 28 GB in size. I understand that this is IBM's Rapid Restore & Recovery file but it should only be 4-10 GB's big. Can anyone comment on...