Lenovo g530 laptop keyboard and mousepad problem.


Sep 22, 2014
hi, my keyboard on my laptop is not working properly its a lenovo g530 4446-24u and i tryed to change keyboard language settings and i tryed to format because i tought it was a virus or something changing the keys but anyways when i press the spacebar or backspace its acting like the enter and when i press tab its doing a z and the z too and when i press the c the find window popup and some keys are not working at all like the 5, 6, g, h and sometimes when i start up the computer you hear a noise and you start note pad or whatever in the screen you can type in the computer keep typing ```````` non stop.

pls answer me,.........

Phillip Corcoran

Back up your own files to another drive or to optical discs.
Turn laptop off.
Run the Factory Recovery process on your laptop by pressing and holding down F11 when you start it up.

If keyboard is still acting strange you'll have to get a new keyboard fitted.


Sep 22, 2014
thank u phillip, ive done as u told and it works only a day and again it have the same proble, pls help me.
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