LG TV and Pioneer Receiver - Always tunes to BD


Dec 4, 2016
I just purchased a new LG TV (50UH5530) to replace an older Panasonic model. I have it connected to a Pioneer VSX-823 receiver using the ARC input, HDMI2. Connected to the receiver are a Directv box and a blu-ray player. The sound works fine. My issue I am having is that the TV seems to be telling the receiver to tune to the blu-ray player. Even if I have the receiver set to the Directv box (sat/cbl input) when I turn everything off, when I turn it back on, it immediately switches to blu-ray when I turn it back on. Likewise, if I am watching something on DirecTV, then switch to content on the TV, such as Netflix, but then exit, instead of going back to the DirecTV, it causes the receiver to switch to blu-ray. Even if the blu-ray player is off, it turns it on. I never had this issue with the Panasonic TV. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Not sure the problem is the TV since both the DTV box and BD player are connected to the receiver not directly to the TV.
First thing is try turning off CEC in the TV. This allow the TV to send commands over HDMI to the receiver. LG may have their own name for it.
Next check the receiver menu to see if there is some setting that makes it go to the BD player. Does it do this when the BD player is off?
You can also try exchanging the HDMI inputs on the receiver. Maybe it will now default to the DTV box?