Looking for a low budget compact camera

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Jun 21, 2016
Hello! As I have little to no knowledge of digital cameras, it would be nice if I can have some help! I am looking for a low budget $200-400 digital camera that's good as a gift for my sister. Do you guys have any recommendations? (brands like Sony, Olympus etc) thank you! :)


Here is a definitive Camera feature search (on the worlds largest camera website)

This website lets you compare the size of cameras. Size does not matter to me, but it does to many.

In general for the best image quality you are going to want to the largest sensor that meets your budget and feature requirements. The DPReview site includes sensor sizes as part of their search criteria.

The excellent Sony RX100 (first gen) can be had new for just under 500, which while over your budget is a 1" sensor camera and will take very nice photos. You might consider a "like new" one for around $350.00. There is a user on here who spreads FUD about used cameras, but there is little to no risk buying from Amazon as they are easy to return things to.

If you want a tiny camera which you can change the lens on, the Nikon j1 can be had for $255. This has the same 1" sensor size as the Sony rx100 series.

They have the newer j4 for $100 more, but they are very similar.

Again used is much cheaper where even the higher end v1 and v2 (with built in viewfinders) would be in your budget.

If you want to buy her a very small camera, the Canon s100 is easy to use, produces good results (although not as good as the above).
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