Looking for a means of recording multiple shows

Jul 8, 2013
My step dad finally broke down and got cable TV with Rogers Canada. The problem is, he was used to using a VCR as the cable box, and there by being able to record a show while watching another. I told him he would need to either rent or buy the netbox pvr from rogers. He has informed me that it is too expensive, so I am looking for alternatives to it. The solution I was thinking of was buying a DVR, that can be hooked up to the cable box, and TV, and costs around a couple hundred bucks. The Rogers Netbox PVR costs a little over $500 and is too expensive for me to buy, and I don't want to risk going to an ebay seller for one.
Any ideas? Please note, if the solution you suggest requires or utilizes a computer, or mac, or some form of tablet, etc. It will be unacceptable. If it is any help, it is a regular old TV that he has, so it might not have composite or component jacks on it.
Jul 8, 2013

OK, thanks for your response, but please realize this is in Canada, we don't have the same equipment you guys have. If we do have Tivo, is that an extra service? Also is there a chance it won't work with his cable company, or TV? I really was hoping for a response from someone who has Rogers Canada. Also, what about something like this:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Panasonic-DMR-E85H-DVD-Recorder-DVR-Hard-drive-120GB-/171079980707?pt=DVD_Players_Recorders&hash=item27d52956a3. Ignore the fact it's ebay, and the price tag, but it should do the trick, and if he wanted to, he could burn it on DVD.

I don't know, it just seems like it was better when I was younger, and they only had the old rabbit ear antenna, and no converter. My how technology changes things.
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