Looking for small speakers to run through receiver for computer


Jan 10, 2011
I am looking for recommendations for small bookshelf (or satellite) speakers for my computer that'd I'd be running through a receiver.

I am living in a studio apartment and already have a 5.1 system set up for my home theater (Denon AVR-1611 and Mirage Nanosat 5.1) and absolutely love it. Now I'm looking to get two small speakers for my desk/computer that I'd hook up to my receiver for a 2.1 (multi-zone allows me to use the sub from the 5.1 system) system.

The speakers need to be relatively small so they fit on the desk without taking up too much space. I've looked at some of the Polk TSi200s but at 11.75" deep they just are too big for my desk. I love the size of the Audioengine 2's and have heard decent things about them, but I've never heard of people using them with a receiver.

Thanks for any recommendations!
perhaps a pair of replacement speakers from the klipsch quintet iv set. probably available for $100/each. i've got a full 5.0 set of them and they sound good to me. they are very solidly built satelite speakers. i was impressed by the build quality.

of course there are hundreds of other good choices and audio tastes vary from person to person.

musical marv

Feb 26, 2011
Go to a site called Audio Asylum and read about what speakers you can buy.