looking for wireless speaker setup help (tv/cable out to speakers)


Nov 28, 2016
hello there,

trying to help my grandmother who is trying to get her wireless speakers/transmitter working. the transmitter is supposed to plug into the tv/cable box and the speakers are in a different room. she likes to listen to the tv while she’s in the kitchen, a room separate from her office -its an rca WSP155

so, seems basic enough but i can’t figure it out. it has a line out that is supposed to plug into theaudio out/headphone jack of the audio source / tv or cable box. that's question 1, as the tv is receiving audio/video from the satellite box, as it should interface with the cable box and not the tv, correct?

cable box is a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 Digital Receiver

the tv is connected via the video/audio outs cord - yellow/white/red and there’s no old-school audio out option at the back of the cable box. so, would i need a y splitter from the white/red leaving the cable box where then i can reverse wishbone into a single connection for the audio input plug for the transmitter?

i tried plugging just into the headphone jack of the tv but didn’t work - guessing the signal itself is coming from the cable box and i have to start there?

just looking for a basic description of how i can make this run happen. sorry for the run-on post! grandma thanks you!