Microphone only records when I put it infront my mouth and when I increase the volume, then I record only loud static.

Nov 29, 2018
Dear Community

Since a long time and today I have an problem with my microphone. I can only record my voice, when I put my microphone in front my mouth and when I increase the volume, then is my mic only recording very loud static instead my voice. I tried reinstalling all my drivers, I tested it on my notebook too, I tried it on my case inputs and on my motherboard. What I noticed is that if I record my voice with my mobile phone the volume is a little bit silent but it's ok and I haven't any static sound. I have an splitter I tried it with and without splitter still the same issue. I had an USB soundcard. The soundcard had lots of static, but not so much like without the USB soundcard. But the sound wasn't so good with the USB soundcart and it broke after a few months.

With friendly greedings Andre

My headset: Razer Kraken Forged Edition
My motherboard: ASUS z170i pro gaming
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