Moving the OS and other apps to the new laptop


Apr 29, 2017
I had an Asus X555LJ laptop (intel i7 2.4GHz 5th generation) with a Samsung EVO 850 SSD which had Windows 10 (OEM) and many astrophotography software installed in it. Unfortunately a lightening strike damaged the motherboard completely but the hard disk survived without any damage to data. Now I will soon be getting an Asus P2540UA-DM0283R (intel i3 7100U) which comes with only DOS installed. I am planning to replace the rotational HDD of new laptop with my Samsung EVO 850 SSD. By doing so, will I be able to get the windows and other software to work on new laptop and to avoid the time consuming hassle of installing OS and other software from the scratch?

Thank you.


I've had to do similar things with win10 - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Give it a good long time to boot up when you start it with the EVO in - it will have lots of settings, drivers etc. to adjust.


Dec 10, 2015
The safest thing to do is to just reinstall all applications (assuming you still have installation media/licenses).
Now the data can be mounted to an external enclosure, then you can back up the libraries to an external hard drive, then restore it onto the new Asus.

Most cloning software's I have used clone the drivers and if the clone is restored on a different machine, you'll run into issues and more than likely blue screens.

So your best bet is to do a fresh OS install/setup, mount the old HDD and manually backup data, then restore the data onto new computer using the external hard drive.

Now if you don't have the license keys, that another ballpark and would require further troubleshooting.