MSI CX70 2QF vs P17FV3-i747108G2TDOSBM Gigabyte


Jul 8, 2015

I have been looking at a few laptops for gaming as well as a lot of programming oriented usage and the more general watching of movies and editing documents etc..
(games: {League of legends, Batman, just cause, mass effect, watch dogs, far cry , crysis, maybe COD} low to medium settings with no lags and fps drops is good enough for me .)

So the specs of the 4 laptops are given below:

MSI CX70 2QF=> CPU: i7 4712MQ, RAM: 8GB DDR3, GPU: NVIDIA GT940M 2GB, 1TB, 17.3"

P17FV3-i747108G2TDOSBM => CPU: 17 4710MQ, RAm 8GB DDR3L, GPU: NVIDIA GTX950M 2GB, 2TB, 17.3"
My current laptop : HP pavilion g7 which ridiculously overheats while doing anything on it.
(i5-2430M, 4GB, AMD Radeon HD 6470M , 700GB, 17.3")

Let me just explain how i use my laptop: Most of the time it sits on my table when i go to lectures.. when i come home, and yay no homework or whatever.. I play league of legends for hours.. or other games if i could... If i do have assignments its mostly programming (java,c++) and also some fun with the arduino. While working on assignments I watch movies or cartoons.
I would also like my laptop to have a fairly good battery life maybe about ~2-3 hours at least if needed.

I haven't used gigabyte or msi products before and i'm not really sure which one of the two is better in terms of overall performance and heat dissipation and stability.

Thanks for your input.