My tablet won't connect to PC after using OTG


Oct 29, 2016
I tried my new OTG cable with my Note4 mobile and a 16G flash it worked fine
I then tried it with my Samsung tablet S2 and it worked fine as well. Then I tried connecting the Tab to a 1 TB HD ....First nothing happened the HD was not recognized and the Tab did not show anything on the screen. After removing the setup I noticed that my Tab will not receive or send any data on the USB not even to my computer
I tried
1- Restarting Tab ....nothing
2- Factory reset ......nothing
3- Hard boot .......nothing
Even Kies does not see the Tab and it won't work with the OTG cable anymore
It still charges through the USB cable but does not interact
Do you think I might have short circuited the device? was the HD an over kill and I burnt something in the TAB ???
It is possible that damage was done, but it seems really unlikely.

If the tablet is still under warranty I would really suggest you contact the manufacturer. It may well be something they can repair or replace for you.