Need help picking a new TV to buy


Jun 3, 2013
I wanna buy a new HDTV for my room, currently I have a 22 inch LG but its too small, wanna go bigger. Budget is 225ish but i can go as high as 300 is the TV is really worth it. Im always going to be sitting about 5 feet away from the TV when im using it, please keep that in mind. Need it for playing xbox 360, watching TV, and blu-rays. Don't want it too big, im thinking 27-32 inches would be perfect. Headphone jack IS A MUST. Dont really care if it connects to the internet at all, dont wanna pay extra for a smartTV because my 360 does all that already. I really just want REALLY GOOD QUALITY PICTURE. Seriously, anything in the 27-32 inch range that is just beautiful to look at. Also, no 3D, never gonna use that either. And honestly, i prefer to lean towards brand names, they cost more yeah, but its just to ease my mind. thanks for the help!