Need help understanding if my home theater is set up correctly (4K/HDR)

Aug 28, 2018
I have recently revamped my home theatre for 4K and HDR.
I got a Samsung Q7 (2018) and Onkyo TX-NR575E (which supports 4K/HDR)
In my last set up everything was connected to the A/V receiver and this is what I did with the new setup. Everything is working fine with no problem, the only problem is that I'm foregoing the TVs ability to auto-detect and switch input and picture mode which is not a big deal. Another thing is I really cannot tell if I'm watching HDR. The info button on the Onkyo shows me the current resolution, but I'm having difficulty seeing any substantial difference with HDR content. I've tried different picture settings on the TV as per instructions for HDR on my TV which made everything too bright especially if I have subtitles on which makes dark scenes lit up whenever subtitles appear, and I also have all HDMI inputs on TV's settings on HDR. I understand that for best HDR viewing the brightness, local dimming and backlight must be on and all the way up, but the problem is I'm not feeling HDR is much of a difference than standard content, and if I change the settings to lower brightness and backlight I'm making HDR content even worse.

The HDR content I'm viewing is on Netflix and PS4 Pro.

Am I missing something? Is it from the Onkyo receiver? Would switching the setup to everything connected to the TV and connecting the audio through (optical/HDMI ARC) to receiver change anything?
First thing to try is connecting the PS4 Pro directly to the TV.
Make sure that the TV input is 4k compatible and the the TV is set to detect if it is receiving HDR content. Some TVs have separate settings for HDR. Some just screw up the picture to generate the added brightness needed. Then check the settings on the PS4 Pro.
When it get it working then reconnect the receiver. If it doesn't work with the receiver then check the settings in the receiver.
Last thing is HDMI cables.

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