Need help with dual boot - Mint and win7 - <grub rescue>


Apr 11, 2008
I had set up a dual boot with Linux Mint 17 and Win 7.

Normally when starting it defaults to Linux. If I want Win 7 I have to choose it from the dos startup screen.

Yesterday this changed and when it boots, I get a black screen..

error: no such partition
Entering rescue mode
grub rescue:

and the cursor stays there. I am not sure where to go from here..

My system has the HP Diagnostics Ver

Bios is F.29

Bios Boot is..

HP Quick web - disabled
CD Rom Enabled
Floppy Disabled
Internal Net Adapter Disabled

Results of HP Diags tests..

Memory Test PASSED
Smart Check PASSED
Optimized DST PASSED
Battery Test PASSED(0) Secondary-Not installed(60)
PCI Device Check PASSED
Error Log: Start Up Passed

So according to this all okay.


I have found SuperGrub2 and Rescatux here.

Seems a great idea so installed SuperGrub2 on a USB then booted to it.

It found the partitions and I chose to boot to the Win 7.

It did find Win but after it said starting Windows, it came up with the HP Recovery 3 panel option screen.

I have passed all the tests as you can see above so I don't need any of those options.

I tried Rescatux and it was even better. I could see and access all my windows folders and files but not sure what to do there to fix the boot files so they bypass the Linux grub etc.

I really just need to get into Win7. I don't have anything in the Mint17 partition, just trying it out so can do without it.

How can I either get rid of that Recovery Panel so I can get straight into Win 7 or anyway get this fixed please.

I do have the Mint 17 CD I used to install Mint.

I have spent 2 days and still confused.

If I recall correctly I installed the dual boot with EasyBCD, if that's any help..

Thanks in hope..