New blu ray player - old tv - sound drop outs at random intervals


Jun 25, 2012
Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a new Panasonic BD84 Blu - Ray player and connected it to my 42 inch flat screen tv via the included HDMI cable. The picture quality is perfect but I keep having random issues with the sound where it just keeps dropping out. It will drop out for about 2-3 seconds approximately every hour when watching a movie - doesn't matter which format it is (blu ray, dvd, mpegs etc).

If you rewind the movie back to where it dropped out, the sound will be there again. I've tried literally every tweak and mod I can think of in the settings and nothing seems to fix it.

I have had a replacement head unit and the same thing happens. I took it back to the shop and they tested it on one of their tv's and it seemed fine. The guy in the shop said the issue may be due to the age of my TV as my TV is about 9 years old. He thinks there may be an issue with the CEC handshaking between the devices. I've also noticed if I am skipping to a selected scene on the blu ray, there is a slight audio pause at the beginning.

Is there anything I can do besides just put up with it until I get a new TV? I'm not sure if it's worth trying a different brand of player e.g. a Sony because if the issue is due to the age of my TV it's just going to happen again.

Any thoughts/comments/ideas would be appreciated.