Solved! New Swift 3 is underperforming w/BSODs

Oct 8, 2018
Hello everyone,

Today I received my Acer Swift 3 SF315-52G-54DA. After booting it the first time it crashed while setting up windows, then it automatically restarted the setup in a smaller window for some reason. It ended up setting up correctly, but after doing some simple tasks such as installing Google Chrome and Microsoft office I encountered multiple blue screens with stop code: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I thought this might have been a driver related issue, so I started updating the devices drivers including the driver of the MX150 and the firmware of the laptop. After restarting it with the new firmware however, it did not launch anymore. (I updated it via the device manager auto search) I luckily managed to roll back to older firmware using safe mode and the device launched again.

So far I have not encountered any blue screens anymore, but the device still seems to function poorly after I created a performance report using the perfmon /report command. I wanted to attach this html file to this question, but I was unsure how. It basically that every component of my laptop was under performing with a score of 0.

I bought the laptop from a very popular webstore in the Netherlands, but it was a returned laptop. It was stated that the device had not been used and was in perfect shape (It should have been returned because the color was not correct)
I am not sure if I should return the laptop because there might be a chance that the hardware is faulty. I don't know if it could be a software related issue so that is why I am asking it here.

Any answer is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for being so helpful,

Jens Cornegoor
Oct 8, 2018

This is what the performance monitor tells me. It is odd because now everything seems to work fine but it still shows this...

If it returning is the best option, I will definitely do that, even though I like the machine...

Thanks for the advice!
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