Nikon D5200 vs Canon EOS Rebel T6i vs Canon EOS D70 vs Sony Alpha 6000


Dec 24, 2014
Which one would you recommend for video recording and why?
So far the Sony Alpha looks nice since it offers 179 AF points while the other 3 offer 19-38 AF points which looks amazing on paper but I don't know anything about cameras so I need some help, thank you. :)
1) No such thing as Canon D70, it's either Nikon D70 (really old camera) or Canon 70D (brand new camera)
2) Don't pay attention to ridiculous claims like 179 point AF, especially with video. Only the 70D has phase detect video that actually works properly, the rest are mostly contrast detect.
3) Do you have lenses?
4) If you don't have lenses, why not just get a decent camcorder? Plenty of great 1080p/4K ones out there right now for less than the cost of a 70D with equivalent lenses.