Not supporting my SD card

Danuja rukshan

Jun 11, 2015
First sry for my English
I'm using E-tel i406(4.4.2) rooted mobile. I bought a Samsung 16GB SD card with the original pack. I can download or install anything from SD card but sometimes files that I downloaded get crashed like songs and now I can't download anything or delete anything from SD card it says no permission to delete and it says there is no SD card mounted. But everything that I have downloaded can open directly from SD card. When I unmounted and mounted it, the problem got fixed but after sometime it's come again even when the device reboot. Sometimes when I reboot my device it's shows 'Damaged sd card try reformating it" but I couldn't do that either then I reboot again the issue has gone. I'm not sure what's the issue SD card or my device. I want a solution for this. SD card has no physical damaged